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A Thousand Pounds

Finding the Strength to Live and Love Under the Weight of Unbearable Loss

by Brianne Edwards

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a MEMOIR of grief after life-changing loss

a COMPANION to those in the trenches of grief

a JOURNEY to authentic integration, peace, and hope

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About The Book

Crushed by the weight of life-changing loss, how do we find the strength to carry unbearable grief with peace?

This is a book that will pierce your heart and leave you changed. It is a journey from debilitating grief to a new depth of hope and love.

With raw authenticity, Brianne Edwards shares her story of the loss of her son and gives readers a powerful encounter with the heart of a bereaved mother.

Yet A Thousand Pounds is much more than a memoir. Masterfully combining story and research, Brianne accompanies readers through the painful wilderness of their own grief journey.

A story of grief after life-changing loss. A companion to those in the trenches of grief. A journey to authentic integration, peace, and hope.

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About The Author

Brianne Edwards writes about the unexpected loss of her son and the depths of grief that followed as part of her mission to bring connection, comfort, and hope to other grieving families. She is a wife, mother of six, and founder of Lach's Legacy, a nonprofit created in memory of her son. She comes to the table with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s degree as a Physician Assistant, and a Compassionate Bereavement Care Certification. Brianne lives with her family in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

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I want to walk hand-in-hand with you in your own journey to authentic integration, peace, and hope. As a way to facilitate this, I have created companion journals entitled Finding the Strength to Carry a Thousand Pounds. My hope is that these journals will invite you to explore the depths of your own grief so we can wrestle together through the hard parts of being bereaved.

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