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A Thousand Pounds

Finding the Strength to Live and Love Under the Weight of Unbearable Loss

by Brianne Edwards

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a MEMOIR of grief after life-changing loss

a COMPANION to those in the trenches of grief

a JOURNEY to authentic integration, peace, and hope

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Bri Edwards speaks honestly and gracefully about living with a weight that will not go away, sharing the painfully personal while also reflecting on the universal. This book is a gift to those coping with the sudden unexpected death of a young child and anyone wanting to stand by their side. It is filled with sound guidance about the difficulties a bereaved parent faces, while being a testament to self-discovery, love, and faith. You will be moved by the beauties of its truth and its hope.


Dr. Richard Goldstein, M.D.

Director of Robert’s Program on Sudden Unexpected Death in Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

There are times in life when someone’s story leaves you changed after reading their words. This is one of those times. It is written with stunning grace and wisdom. This is a voice the world needs. Amidst the rubble, it brings hope and light. Amidst the heartache, it teaches gratitude and humility. This is as much a story of love as it is a story of loss.


Lisa Leshaw, M.S.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

This is a wrenching journey from raw pain to mental, emotional and spiritual survival. The book is an academic/anecdotal treasure and a lifeline to those suffering loss. With personal experience, salient quotes and solid research, the author courageously leads the reader through the labyrinth of tragedy to health and healing. Crafting a powerful message from a brutal experience is an amazing tribute to the son she lost, and a gift to others who suffer any kind of traumatic loss. The courage Bri displays inspires, gives hope and, in many ways, gives grievers permission to be human. Peruse with sticky notes handy.


Elaine Doll-Dunn, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

In this book, Bri Edwards beautifully wrestles with the hardest questions a grieving parent faces as she shares her own journey after the loss of her son, Lachlan. Combining research and story, Bri isn’t afraid to go deep, and her authenticity is felt in every word. Her ability to grieve out loud holds space for the big emotions of anyone who is in the trenches of grief.


Jessy Paulson

Founder of Gritty Faith Magazine

The book you hold in your hands is a work of love, from a big sister who has learned about life from something we hope and pray never happens to us. And yet if it does, we can follow her lead and let it teach us the most important truths about life. She wants to share the fruit of her excruciating experience so that we can know something more about time and eternity also, and something really important about love. That it doesn't end with death.


From the foreword by Dr. Gregory Bottaro

Director of The CatholicPsych Institute

Brianne Edwards is a gifted storyteller. Stylistically weaving the details of her grief journey with poignantly-chosen truths on grief and loss from well-known secular and non-secular resources, A Thousand Pounds ministers to grieving families and those looking to support them. With each turn of the page, Brianne becomes a trusted friend and mentor who also walks the lifelong journey of child loss. In her wisdom and experience, Edwards speaks validation and encouragement into the hearts of her readers.


Jessika Sanders

Founder of Praying Through Ministries, a nonprofit serving NICU, PICU and Child Loss Families

A Thousand Pounds is beautifully written with such heartfelt intention. Bri shares the real struggles one experiences in loss and how she and others on the journey have learned to lean in and face these challenges with grace. She offers much perspective along with tangible ways to cope, in order to move toward hope and healing. As a fellow bereaved parent, this book gives voice to so many of the thoughts and feelings deep within my heart.


Karri Allen

Bereaved mother, Founder of Healing Hope Ministries

Even though it's deep with emotion, this book feels safe. I love it.


Melissa Lee (bereaved mother)

About The Book

Crushed by the weight of life-changing loss, how do we find the strength to carry unbearable grief with peace?

This is a book that will pierce your heart and leave you changed. It is a journey from debilitating grief to a new depth of hope and love.

With raw authenticity, Brianne Edwards shares her story of the loss of her son and gives readers a powerful encounter with the heart of a bereaved mother.

Yet A Thousand Pounds is much more than a memoir. Masterfully combining story and research, Brianne accompanies readers through the painful wilderness of their own grief journey.

A story of grief after life-changing loss. A companion to those in the trenches of grief. A journey to authentic integration, peace, and hope.

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About The Author

Brianne Edwards writes about the unexpected loss of her son and the depths of grief that followed as part of her mission to bring connection, comfort, and hope to other grieving families. She is a wife, mother of six, and founder of Lach's Legacy, a nonprofit created in memory of her son. She comes to the table with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s degree as a Physician Assistant, and a Compassionate Bereavement Care Certification. Brianne lives with her family in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

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I want to walk hand-in-hand with you in your own journey to authentic integration, peace, and hope. As a way to facilitate this, I have created companion journals entitled Finding the Strength to Carry a Thousand Pounds. My hope is that these journals will invite you to explore the depths of your own grief so we can wrestle together through the hard parts of being bereaved.

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